My Music Matters-MT

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Are you in search of that special Artist or Session Musician?

Are you a musician looking for Publicity, PR, Artist Manager or English Writing/Editing Services?

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Are you a FOLK genre musician looking for a full service Record Label?

Description of Services:

Triad #1: Artist Management Services

Currently NOT accepting new artists for FULL Artist Management services. All artists will receive Business Manager services as part of your Publicity Service Account. If you are in need of a qualified Personal Manager, we do have a referral network.

Triad #2: Promotion/Publicity Service

Basic Account: €15.00 per month
Deluxe Account: €24.99 per month
Choose extra Promotion/PR packages:
€280 €300 €450 €550
Genre specific promotion!
Your music...your choice!
Promo Pack Price/Descriptions: Click HERE!

Triad #3: English Writing/Editing Services

One week turn around time for documents under 200 words. Note: Triad Level Three is for EVERYONE, all genres and businesses! Press Release (€240), Lyric Edits (€15 per song), Documents (€50 minimum/€0.09 per word).  Reasonable prices and fast service. Contact by email or call for a price quote. 



We are proud to be associated with these fine companies for all our music production service needs...

A-Broad Studios is our chosen service partner for all your recording, mixing, mastering and producing needs. Reasonable and transparent prices, posted on website. Friendly and reliable music professionals. Free consultation and FFR Discounts.

Dutch Music Works is our chosen service partner for our artists in search of worldwide music distribution. Both physical and digital distribution services are offered to our musicians with fair and realistic contract agreements offered via Friendly Folk Records.