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Scarecrow Jack

International Management: 

My Music Matters Management Triad
Kathy Keller, Business Manager
Phone: +31 (0) 6 30094688

Scarecrow Jack is a virtual Folk Rock band comprising of different artists from the Ohio Valley area. Drawing their inspiration from Americana and various world Folk music touching on subjects as love, hope, pirates, history and various fantasy subjects.  Although virtual bands are quite common in the progressive rock genre, this is a new concept for the folk scene. Scarecrow Jack is the creation of songwriter, Theron Statler, whose projects can be found under the collective works known as, Theron Statler Music.

In addition to artists from USA, Scarecrow Jack have ventured beyond the borders and contacted musicians from one of their favorite Celtic Folk Rock band from Finland, Greenrose Faire. When the artists from Finland were sent demo tracks, they immediately lent their talents to support the virtual band project with: Niilo Sirola (Bouzouki), Hanna Heinonen (violin), Salla Rimmi (vocals).

Winter/2018 will see the worldwide release of Scarecrow Jack debut album, 'Welcome Autumn.'