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Davey McAuley - Magician/Illusionist

'Freakiest Show on Earth'
Master of Magic & Illusion

Origin:          Ireland

Home:           Ireland

Language:    English

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Master Magician and Illusionist, Davey McAuley, has been described as an out and out freak of nature! This globe-trotting, sword swallowing, fire breathing, glass walking, whisky drinking Bohemian, has been branded the 'Freakiest Show On Earth!' His insatiable appetite to terrify and amaze has brought him around the world. He has been seen travelling with many carnivals, circuses, families of freaks (some questionable bearded ladies) and was a headline act at the world famous 'Ripley’s Believe It Or Not' in Times Square, New York! Be prepared for laughter, terror and amazement as you welcome to the stage, DAVEY McAULEY!

Davey has a large following in Ireland, especially in the Dublin area. He is also a regularly scheduled as entertainer on cruise ships; and since 2015 McAuley has been active in the Netherlands as support act for Celtic Folk bands at festivals and venues, and he was the first person in the Netherlands (and one of few worldwide) to perform Houdini strait jacket escape during upside-down bungee jump. Davey will soon attempt to set world record with this stunt.

A true carny and vagabond at heart, Davey McAuley is at home wherever he hangs his hat. Would you like to book this unique talent for an opening act for your band, festival, street performance, party? Contact Kathy Keller at:


  • Magic & Illusion Shows
  • Mind Reading and Hypnosis Acts
  • Freak Show & Fakir Performances
  • Escape artist: Ropes, chains, straightjacket, etc.
  • Magic tricks suitable for stage and street acts
  • Naturally, balloon art and card tricks