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BB en van Berlo

International Management: 
My Music Matters Management Triad
Promotion Manager: Kathy Keller
Phone: +31 (0) 6 30094688

BB en Van Berlo are a charming duo that play acoustic Americana Folk music, rooted in the cultural melting pot of the USA. They distinguish themselves through their impeccable vocal harmonies, as well as through multi-instrumental influences. 

Rik van Berlo is a powerhouse of sound and personality as he belts out one tune after the next while keeping the steady Americana Folk and Bluegrass thread on his guitar.  BB van Waardenburg brings backing vocals, fiddle, blues harp and whistles into the mix. It is not uncommon for this multi-talented lady to show up on stage with other traditional folk instruments as well. Although a solid duo who fill the stage with sound and attitude, on occasion, they are joined by percussionist, Peter Scheffer.

BB and Rik have been best friends for over half their life. They're both musicians, so it was inevitable that they would share a stage as well as a friendship. As founding members of Campfire Collaboration (2009-2017), they developed their act to perfection during nearly a decade on stage. With a perfect blend of harmonies and playful stage antics, they keep the audience smiling, dancing and singing along through a repertoire of good old traditional Americana Folk, Bluegrass, and Country Gospel music!
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