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The Flask

International Management: 
My Music Matters Management Triad
Phone: +31 (0) 6 30094688
Email:     [email protected]

The Flask are a five member folk band from Delft, Netherlands with a penchant for Irish and Scottish traditional music.  Their passion for Celtic Folk music inspired creation of original material as well. Their repertoire ranges from sensitive ballads to upbeat melodies that will get you on your feet dancing a jig. Although known in their hometown of Delft for a few years, this talented group of students hit the folk festival scene in 2017 with an appearance at Archeon Midwinter Fair. Their energy and pure Celtic sound did not go unnoticed. Within a few months the band entered and won a band battle competition at Musicon, (The Hague, NL); the prize was one-year membership here at My Music Matters Management Triad. 
So, join me in spreading the word and breaking this band into the scene.

Check back soon for expanded profile of this band.
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