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My Music Matters-MT and Indieplant merger significant for all our Artists...

As an Artist manager, one function is to find music industry professionals who can help bring Artists to the next level. Often, that ‘next level’ involves finding a reputable record label to sign artists. It was a bit of a shock to discover that the Netherlands had zero labels for Folk genre.... until now! After many hours of meetings and brainstorming with a well known local independent label, the solution became clear.  We would join forces and create a full service record label for Folk Artists. Friendly Folk Records is co-owned by Jelto van Nieuwberg (Indieplant) and Kathy Keller (My Music Matters Management Triad); collectively they have over 30-years experience in the music business. The synergy and dynamics between these business partners is a perfect blend and they are supported by a full team of experts in the industry to meet all needs of our Friendly Folk Family.  In addition to the benefits this brings to our Folk Artists, there is an added bonus for our Solo Artists and Rock Artists to use all of the services at Indieplant: Academy, Promotion, Distribution, Booking +more.

Description of Services:

Currently NOT accepting new artists for Artist Management services. Send email for referral to manager to our associates, or to be added to waiting list! Contact HERE

All Marketing and Publicity Services have been merged with Indieplant! Information and referral, contact: [email protected]!
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Triad #3: English Writing/Editing Services

One week turn around time for documents under 200 words. Note: Triad Level Three is not only for musicians, but for EVERYONE!