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Are you in search of that special Artist or Session Musician?

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Are you a musician looking for Publicity, PR, Artist Manager or English Writing/Editing Services?

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Note: English Writing and Editing Services are available for EVERYONE! Musicians, Businesses, +more!

Are you a FOLK genre musician looking for a full service Record Label?


Finally the cat (or in our case, #seahorse) is out of the bag! Together with our new partner, Indieplant we are excited to announce our new record label, Friendly Folk Records! We represent most genres of Folk music: #CelticFolk, #FolkPunk,  #FolkRock, #PaganFolk,  #PirateFolk, #TribalFolk, #ProgressiveFolk, #MysticFolk#AmericanaFolk, #FOLK ...

Well, you get the idea! Submit your music here!

Description of Services:

Currently NOT accepting new artists for Artist Management services. Call or email for referral to another manager, or waiting list placement! Contact HERE

Choose from Muse Minimalist Retainer, Muse Publicity Manager, or create your own marketing package from the itemized price list. All genres welcome. Currently a three week waiting list for services.

Triad #3: English Writing/Editing Services

One week turn around time for documents under 200 words. Note: Triad Level Three is not only for musicians. English writing and editing services are for EVERYONE!