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Price List

Package Prices and Description of Services:

Management Triad #1 and Management Triad #2

 Muse Minimalist Management Triad #2
PRICE: Only €20.00 per month 
/ or €200.00 per year if paid in advance!

This package is required to become a client. The reason is simple, it takes time and energy to keep up to date with your music; also, in order for me to refer you for freelance work or gigs, you need to be a client of MMM- MT. Finally, you receive indirect marketing with every promotion campaign of MMM-MT clients.

Muse Publicity Management Triad #2

PRICE: €40.00 per month 
/ or €400.00 per year if paid in advance!

If you are a new band/artist, there will be an initial set-up fee to create your media image. Depending on how much (or little) you need to have created will determine your set up fee. This amount will be fair and based on itemized costs. (Click 'Itemized Services' link located in last column at bottom of page for price list.) 

After your initial start up fee is agreed upon, and after your image has been created, you will be charged a monthly Retainer fee of  €40.00

This amount pays for sustaining your image.

(Amount includes €20.00 client retainer fee!)

If you need a large PR or Publicity campaign, working together with our partners at Indieplant we can help you create a plan to fit your needs!

Muse Artist/Band Manager Triad #1

PRICE: 15% Gross Income (Shows)
+ 20% Net Income (Merchandise Sales)

If you are an established band/artist you probably already have a media image. However, like most musicians, you want to spend time making music and  not dealing with marketing & management tasks.  Perhaps you are the type who enjoys maintaining your own Social Media to keep personal contact with your fans, but you seriously neglect updating your website and hate dealing with outside agencies. Are you ready to bring your music career to the next level? Then you probably need an Agent/Band Manager! Only a limited number of clients will be eligible for this service. Use contact form to schedule free consultation.

Payment details provided on delivery of all services.   Send 'Contact Form' or an email for free consultation and discounts!

Management Triad #3

Writing, Editing & Proofreading Services

  • Writing, Editing, Proofreading and Translation services available to EVERYONE!
  • English Lessons (Private or Group) available to EVERYONE!
  • Musicians Triad #2 and #3 recieve 10% discount on all services
  • One week turn around time for documents under 200 words.
  • See itemized price list for details. 

It is always a good idea to have a professional check your lyrics, Biography, and other documents for accuracy.  English services credentials: London School of Journalism; International Baccalaureate English Language A1 (Teacher Grades 10-12); Novelist