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Virtual Band:     Philhelmon

Genre:              Progressive Rock

2012:                Enjoy it While it Lasts

2017:                Perpetual Immobile

Musician:          Philhelmon Henk Bol

Instruments:      guitar, bass, slide guitar,                                       piano, synthesizer, drums 

Musician:           Ky Fifer

Instruments:      Guitar, Lead Vocals

Guests:              See list below!

Musicians from Netherlands, Germany, USA and Sweden: Henk Bol: Singer-Songwriter, guitar, bass, slide guitar, piano, synthesizer, drums  Ky Fifer: Lead vocals, backing vocals, arrangements, co-lyricist and tons of other stuff, USA (2009); Ed Bol: Lead-guitars, Holland (2011) Mels Bol: Drums, Holland (1965); Magnus Brandell: Drums, Sweden (2010); Dennis de Bruijn: Lead guitars, Holland (2011); Reno de Bruijn: Drums, Holland (2000); Cleem Determeijer: Grand Piano, Farfisa organ, Holland (1969); Bas van Erkel: Lead guitar, Holland (1980); John Geel: Guitars, keyboards, composer, lyrics, Holland (2000); Greg den Hartog: Lead guitar, Holland (2010); John Havermans: Modular synthesizer, organ, moog Taurus, Holland (1980) Albert Houwaart: Guitar, Holland (2011); Pjotr Jurtschenko: Flute, Holland (1972); Arie Noordzij: Guitar, Holland (1996); Nick Oosterhuis: Guitar, keyboards, Holland (1970)/ Germany (1984); Michel Samson: Guitar, Holland (1990); Steve Vincent: Guitar, USA (2009) Joop Wolters: Guitar, Holland (2011); Margie Fifer: Backing vocals, USA (2009); Evelyne Visser: Backing vocals, Holland (2010); Tiger Brooke: Backing vocals, USA (2009) Greg Nishikawa: Backing vocals, USA ( 2009) *Years indicate first collaborations between artists and Philhelmon.

Although logistically impossible to gather all this amazing talent on one stage, the music is well suited for many mixed media purposes: Films, Television Series, Advertisements. To incorporate Philhelmon music into media productions, contact: [email protected]