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Band:            LQR

Genre:          Celtic Folk-Punk Rock Band

2014:            A Taste of Lqr

2015:            10 Pinter

Origin:            Netherlands

Language:    English (Songs)

Language:    Dutch or English (Interviews)

Venues:         Festivals, Pubs, Venues

Imagine how a bottle of whiskey would taste if you added six true musicians doing their thing? Let these same guys mix their passion for Irish folk, steaming Americana and solid rock to a swinging cocktail and what do you get? LQR. The band have been brewing up a batch of pure party music since 2007. Once you dare to pull the cork from the bottle, you will taste a unique rich style, full of DNA from their collective music history. There is no denying the traditional influence of folk giants Flogging Molly and The Pogues. What can you expect to find in this brew of LQR? "50% folk rock blended with 50% gypsy, bluegrass, punk, Americana and pure rock' 'n' roll" 

LQR released their first demo, “Murder by Liquor” in 2008. In addition to performances in Netherlands, they soon gained popularity in Belgium and Denmark. There have been many high points in their career, including the prestigious Folkwoods Elastiek Festival in Hilvarenbeek (2010); StreetRock in Bakel,  Keltisch Festival in Wijhe (2011).  

Following the release of 'A Taste of LQR' (2014) and '10 Pinter (2015) the band became well established in the folk festival and rock festival scene and have performed at many clubs and festivals in Netherlands, including Keltfest and their very own hosted festival in Bladel known as 10 Pinter Festival.  Since 2017, LQR are a member of  Indieplant Friendly Folk Records family.

LQR are available for gigs, festivals, and concerts in the Netherlands and/or abroad.

Band Members: 

Mark Kremers,  Wim van Doren,  Arjan Bogaerts,  Paul van de Boomen,  Martijn Cuypers,  Tim Maas

Kathy Keller: Management support (MMM-MT)