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Musician:                        Jyoti Verhoeff

Current:                          Singer-songwriter, Pianist

Multi-Genre:                   Progressive Rock, Pagan Folk

Label:                              Friendly Folk Records

2016:            Bare

2014:            Riven - Full Moon, Dark Moon

2012:            Phoenix

Origin:           Netherlands

Language:    English (Songs)

Language:    Dutch and/or English (Interviews)

Venues:        Festivals, Theaters, Concerts, (All)


The music of Jyoti Verhoeff is both intriguing and enchanting, almost cinematic in nature – with its many layers, endless amount of subtleties, and organic structures. Sounds that balance on the edge of the unknown, where nothing is predictable anymore yet everything is recognizable. Dark, dreamy and neo-classical sounds lure you into the deep and welcome you into the artist’s land of imagination.

Since the release of her debut EP, Phoenix (2012) Jyoti had a strong presence, selling out the debut show in the Melkweg, Amsterdam venue, and making it to the finals of Grote Prijs van Nederland completion (2013). With the release of her album Riven – Full Moon, Dark Moon, (2014) the artist had found her place in both the alternative rock and progressive folk genre scenes. Many accomplishments surrounded release of this album, including tour with folk icons FAUN, selling out Paradiso (Amsterdam), and an audience with astronaut, André Kuipers who received first copy of Riven-Full Moon, Dark Moon.

Jyoti’s third album Bare (2016) was also met with enthusiasm and sold out venues across Europe. Her music was featured in the extraordinary award winning film "De nieuwe Wildernis-In dialoog met de Natuur". It is with high expectations that we await her upcoming release(s) from Indieplant/Friendly Folk Records in FALL-2017.  

Jyoti Verhoeff is available for festivals, venues, theater or private parties. 

Please contact her manager, Kathy Keller at:  [email protected]

or [email protected]