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News Updates: (Spring-2017)

WORLDWIDE RELEASE of Shades of Time! 

Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp +more... get your copy today!

Digital and Physical Cd formats also available direct from Heylel at:

Progressive Rock fans are in for a treat with this new album from Heylel. Such diversity on the tracks: 2-instrumental tracks; 5-tracks featuring vocals of Heylel's lovely Ana Batista; 1-track with guest Francisca Ribeiro; 3-tracks with male vocalists who are no strangers to Progressive Rock. Extra special thank you to music friends who said 'yes' to our request for male guest vocalists: Kristoffer Gildenlöw, Erik Laan-(Silhouette) Ky Fifer - Music-(Philhelmon). Please check out their music pages too, if you are not already a fan, trust me, you will be.  If you are in Porto, get out to CAVE 45 for Shades of Time Release Party (Heylel + Windbreak)

Special thank you to our hard working team at Indieplant and Indieplant Bookings for production, distribution and (advanced thanks) for bookings. Tour dates announced soon!

Porto, Portugal – My Music Matters Management Triad is pleased to announce official CD release party for Heylel, Shades of Time will take place on April 21, 2017, in the establishment Cave 45, located at Rua das Oliveiras 45, Porto, Portugal. Tickets €5 

Pre-sale combo tickets at (ticket+CD or ticket+CD+Tshirt) 

Worldwide release: Shades of Time - 30/March -available in both CD and digital formats.

Shades of Time, is the highly anticipated third studio album from Heylel, an alternative progressive rock band from Porto, Portugal. With a range from classic to hard rock with a bit of symphonic rock tossed in the mix to create a dark atmospheric sound, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy on this latest creation. The mastermind behind Heylel is Narciso Monteiro whose original intentions were to remain a studio band producing albums with session musicians. After 2016 Flesh mini-tour, Monteiro took Heylel to the next level replacing session musicians with a full line-up six person touring band. The album also features guest vocalists: Ky Fifer (Philhelmon); Erik Laan (Silhouette); Francisca Ribeiro (Malaboos); Kristofer Gildenlöw (ex-Pain of Salvation).

Band Members: Narciso Monteiro (Guitars/Keyboard/Songwriter/Composer), Ana Batista (Vocals), Ricardo Teixeira (Drums), João Amorim (Bass), Ana Clérigo (Violin), Jesus Dos Anjos (Keyboard-Live) 

Recorded at: Interstellar Cloud Creative Services, Porto, Portugal (2016/2017)

Produced and engineered by: Narciso Monteiro


News Updates: (Winter - 2016/2017)

Heylel announces Shades of Time special guests:


Kristoffer Gildenlöw (former Pain of Salvation)

Ky Fifer (Philhelmon & Wilson-Fifer-Rose Band)

Erik Laan (Silhouette)

Francisca Ribeiro (Malaboos)

Read about making of 'The Shades of Time' in this interview and listen to podcast here!  

Narciso Monteiro, the mastermind behind Heylel!

Narciso Monteiro started playing guitar at the age of 15, and pursued professional studies at the Caffi School of Music and later at Escola de Jazz do Porto. He was a member of Gama GT, a hard rock band that emerged into Gama GT Blues Project, with original Portuguese blues Cd's: " Blues à moda do Porto" (2008); "Só por Prazer" (2012). Monteiro developed an independent project called "A Sort of Temporary Peace" (2011) without any commercial intent but as a way of recording ideas that did not fit into any other project at the time. As a result of this creation, "Heylel" sprang to life in 2012. Together with the voice of Ana Batista and the drums of longtime associate and friend, Filipe Braga, Heylel first hit the scene as an alternative progressive rock band with a Gothic touch. The results of Nebulae (2012) and Flesh (2015) have been described as emotionally strong, atmospheric and engaging sound, gracefully combined with the melodic voice of Ana Batista.  Shades of Time (Spring/2017) will feature three Progressive Rock guest vocalists.

* Narciso Monteiro is the creator of all lyrics and music compositions; as well as all recording and mixing of Nebulae, Flesh and Shades of Time.

- Guest Musicians Spotlighted and Biography of tour drummer in next post!

Heylel Lead Vocalist, Ana Batista!

Appearing in the forefront on her third Heylel album is the lovely and talented Ana Batista. Althought the singer has a background in classical music and church choirs, she is no stranger to the stage as she is also a member of Christian Pop Rock group, Missio. In addition Ana is CEO and founder of a music school in Porto, Escola Musical de Águas Santas. Happily Ms. Batista finds time in her schedule to maintain her position as the lead vocalist of Heylel, adding her soft tone, giving each song a balanced blend of power and smoothness. 

Prior to the formation of Heylel, the angelic voice of Ana had made a huge impressoin on Narciso Monteiro and he created the entire albums of Nebulea, Flesh and Shades of Time with Ana's vocals in mind. Shades of Time also includes backing vocals of Francisca Ribeiro and three male vocalist guests well known in Progressive Rock who will be announced soon. 

Heylel welcomes, Violinist, Ana Clérigo!

Ana Clérigo realized her passion for the violin at the age of twelve. She began studies at Vocational School of Music in Viana do Castelo, where she was gently guided by her teacher Manuel Rosado, and later, Professor Ariana Dantas. It didn’t take long for her talents to gain recognition and she had the honor of working with an impressive list of maestros (*). Ana also had the pleasure to accompany soloists (**), and has performed in concert halls such as: Centro Cultural de Belém, Casa da Música, Coliseu do Porto, ESML Grand Auditorium, Helena Sá e Costa Theater, Teatro Sá de Miranda and Teatro Diogo Bemardes. Received degree in Baroque violin, at Escola Superior de Música e Artes de Espectáculo do Porto (2013); Ana studied violin Baroque in Brussels, Belgium, at the Koniffidijk Conservatorium. (2015) She currently holds a Master's Degree in Music, and teaches violin at Águas Santas Musical School, Broadway and Efanor. Ana’s orchestra performances include: Concerto Ibérico, Camerata Piú Bassa, L'Aspiration, The Clockwork Orchestra and Didactic Orchestra of the Musical Focus. An eloquent addition to the Heylel line-up, giving Shades of Time a new dimension of depth.

*Maestros: Emst Schelle, Javier Viceiro, Julian Lombana, Martin Andre, Osvaldo Ferreira, Roberto Pérez, Rui Massena, Vasco Pearce de Azevedo, Victor Matos, Jorge Salgueiro; ** Soloists: Anabela Chaves, Alexandre da Costa, BemaMo Sassetti, Boris Belkin, Carla Caramujo, Carlos Guilherme, Carlos Nogueira, Evandro Gonçalves, Francesca Martinelli, Javier Perianes, João Merino, Kátia Guerreiro, Maria Joào Matos and Mário Laginha

-  Ana Batista (Vocals) and Narciso Monteiro (Guitars, Composer) featured in next post!


Welcome to Heylel family, bass guitarist  João Amorim!

João Amorim (Porto, Portugal), studied classical guitar in Escola de Musica de Costa Cabral. His attention shifted to bass guitar in 2004, when he fine tuned his skills and style under the expertise training of none other than professor Zé Aguiar, a prominent musician from power metal band, Tarantula. João has been very active in the Portugal music scene, performing in the musical project 3X’s and several cover bands, in addition to teaching classical guitar and bass guitar in Porto area. João first joined Heylel in early 2016 as a session musician for the Netherlands Flesh Tour. During the studio sessions that followed, Heylel realized while recording Shades of Time (2017) that João Amorim had become more than a session musician, he had become an essential permanent member of the core band.

-  Ana Clérigo (Violin) featured in next post!


Heylel welcomes new drummer, Ricardo Teixeira!

Ricardo Teixeira, (Porto, Portugal) began drumming as a hobby at the tender age of fourteen. When his aspirations and talents emerged, he sought inspiration in methods and techniques from drummers such as Carmine Appice and Dave Weckl, and participated in workshops of renowned professionals such as Akira Jimbo, Mike Portnoy and Billy Cobham, to name a few. Over the years, Ricardo has developed his own unique style and has been involved in numerous bands from the Porto area, including One Big Mob and Debunker, with which he recorded his debut EPs. After Ricardo laid down the first tracks, he proved to be right session drummer for this album, as you will discover yourself when he enters your mind, beat by beat, on Shades of Time.

(Heylel is very appreciative of Ricardo's professional tracks on the new album. Tour drummer will be announced soon! Many thanks, Ricardo!)

                                                                                                                            - João Amorim (Bass Guitar) featured in next post! 


João Amorim (Bass Guitar), who joined Heylel during their mini-tour of the Netherlands (2016), is now a permanent member of the band. In addition, the band have added Ana Clérigo (Violin) 

Narciso Monteiro – Guitars & Samples

Ana Batista - Vocals

Ricardo Teixeira - Drums (Studio-Cd; tour drummer-to be announced)

João Amorim – Bass

Ana Clérigo - Violin

Shades of Time will be the first studio album to feature the new five piece line up as well as three very special guest vocalists who will be announced soon. Ricardo featured in next post!

News Updates: (Fall - 2016)

Relaxing at the train station after a long day photo shoot for the new album, Shades of Time, which will be released Springtime 2017. As you can see in the photo the core band has expanded to five members.

We will be revealing more about the band members  and Shades of Time in the coming months. Keep checking back for updates!

To hear tracks and/or purchase their award winning first and second albums, click these links to: Nebulae and Flesh!

Heylel are placing final touches on their soon to be released, third studio album, Shades of Time!

During the early months of recording, it was known to a small circle of friends, that Filipe Braga, who was the original drummer of Heylel, had to make a choice between his two passions of drums and photography. It appears that the pull towards his professional photography career has won. 

Filipe Braga was drummer on Heylel’s first two albums, Nebulae and Flesh. On behalf of Heylel and My Music Matters Management Triad, we wish Filipe all the best with his photo exhibition. As with all things in life...the 'winds of change' could blow Filipe back our direction after exhibition. 

We are pleased to announce that Heylel have been added to the prestigious line-up of artists listed with Red Lion Music Agency in Germany on referral to booking agents world wide as, UAC Artists!


News Updates: (Summer - 2016)

You may have noticed it has been a bit quiet on the HEYLEL front...

Partially due to the European Cup Football match!

Congratulations Portugal on European Championship.

Narciso has informed MMM-MT that Heylel will be in hybernation for awhile working on Album #3!

Enjoy the process and we look forward to hearing the new music!

If you have not yet ordered Nebulae and Flesh, you can order it HERE!


News Updates: (Spring 2016)

May 22, 2016 was legendary in way of mixing music genres. In typical Spud'ly fashion, The Royal Spuds welcomed MMM-MT's visiting band, Heylel to the Netherlands with a co-headlining show in Leiden at CAB03!

                              Punk vs. Prog Showdown!

Fun was had by all. Read the review of the show by Iris Hidding,HERE!

Thank you to all the Punky-Proggy Peeps who turned out for this show!

Check out music of The Royal Spuds HERE!

May 20-23, 2016

And a busy mini-tour it was!

Heylel left thier home in Portugal on Tuesday and arrived in Netherlands Friday - May 20th at 17:00, just in time for a fast freshen up and off to Delft for interview at Delft op Stap Radio and a performance at the MMM-MT Launch Party at Bierfabriek Delft. Great show and great fun!

Saturday began early afternoon with a tour of The Hague, then back to Delft for a bit of sightseeing and performance at STECK in Delft.

Sunday tour of Leiden and performance in Leiden at Cab03 with co-headliners, MMM-MT's very own The Royal Spuds! Great fun, great music, great memories. 

Monday we had to say our goodbyes, but not forever, only for awhile.

We are all looking forward to the next tour... and hope it is soon!



HEYLEL MEET & GREET Mini-TOUR / May 20 - May 22

Hard to believe that only five months after signing on with MMM-MT we have pulled off our first mini-tour of the Netherlands. The main purpose of this tour was to have a meet and greet with the other artists of MMM-MT, a few public shows and media exposure. It was a great success and lots of fun! Take a look at the photos to relive the moments.


News Updates: (Winter 2016)

Happy New Year! (January 15, 2016)

My Music Matters-MT is pleased to announce the signing of Heylel to our ever growing family of talented Artists.

Patience and persistence paid off as Heylel had been on the waiting list for band manager services for nearly half a year. We are getting excited to work together and begin our journey towards the next step. Naturally, promotion of their amazing second album Flesh! Check back soon for updates of shows.

Warm Welcome: NARCISO, FILIPE, ANA & Joam to MMM-MT! Let's ROCK!