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Band:           Heylel

Genre:          Alternative Progressive Rock

2014:            Nebulae

2015:            Flesh

2017:            Shades of Time

Origin:            Portugal

Language:      Portuguese, Spainish, English

Language:      English (Songs)

Venues:          Festivals, Pubs, Concerts, (All)

Heylel are an alternative progressive rock band with a range from classic rock with a bit of symphonic rock tossed into the mix to create a deeply atmospheric sound. This dynamic group have come a long way since their first rehearsals in 2012. Debut album, Nebulae (2014) caught the attention of international press who tagged it as “haunting and brooding - the album blooms into a beautiful piece of art”.   With the release of their second album, Flesh (2015) Heylel have established their place in the international alternative rock scene. Shades of Time (2017) is the first album to feature the new six member line up. June/2017 Heylel signed with Netherlands based record label, Into The Limelight Records for release of Shades of Time and future albums. 

The contrast between mellow acoustic sounds in their stylized covers of 'The Sage' (ELP)  and  'I Talk To The Wind' (King Crimson), compared to the intense progressive rock of Heylel original tracks ‘The Prophet’ and 'Deeper' to the hard metal edge on 'Shades of Time' you have only a small taste of the diversity of this unique and talented band, and what they are capable of. Heylel are available for gigs, festivals, and concerts in Europe and abroad. To interview or to book this band please contact their manager at [email protected].

Band Members:
Narciso Monteiro: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Samples
Ana Batista - Lead Vocals
João Amorim - Bass Guitar
Ana Clérigo - Violin
Jesus dos Anjos - Piano
Ricardo Teixeira - Drums *
* Live shows can feature alternate drummers!

Management: My Music Matters-MT
Manager: Kathy Keller
Phone:    +31 (0) 630094688

Label: Into The Limelight Records
Contact:     Harm Kindt
Phone:      +31 (0) 50 230 2844

Narciso Monteiro: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard

           Ana Batista - Lead Vocals

            João Amorim - Bass Guitar


Jesus dos Anjos


                       Ana Clérigo - Violin


             Ricardo Teixeira - Drums