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Band:            Greenrose Faire

Genre:          Celtic Folk Rock


2011:             Neverending Journey

2013:             Home Is Where My Heart Is

2015:             Feed The Flames        

Origin:            Finland 

Language:     English, Suomi (Songs)

Language:     English  (Interviews)

Venues:         Festivals, Pubs, Concerts, (All)

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Greenrose Faire plays rousing Celtic folk rock with head-bobbing, toe-tapping rock feel. The Finnish sextet meshes mandolins and violin with rock drums and bass and symphonic synths, and spikes the rollicking attitude with the slightly ominous overtones of Finnish melancholy. Greenrose Faire sounds lively and modern but still tugs at the nostalgia strings for the long-gone days of yore. The band has great fun on stage, and have played everywhere from corner pubs to concert halls, and from intimate weddings to international festivals. The band made their first European appearance in The Netherlands (2015) at the Elfia Festival in Arcen where they met Dutch bands, Rapalje, Harmony Glen and others. They have performed at Häme Medieval Fair seven years in a row now alongside Värttinä and Korpiklaani, to name a few. Greenrose Faire also host an annual two-day Medieval Folk Festival of their own in Tampere, Finland. 

Songwriter Tomi Hyttinen used to play in a hard rock group with the other founding member Niilo Sirola. After a couple of years of playing together they realized both were into fantasy literature and medieval rock and while listening one evening to Blackmore's Night, they decided to try making new music along those lines.  Eventually a line-up of local musicians were found, things clicked into place with finding of the vocalist Salla Rimmi, with her elegant phrasing and crystal clear tone. The band’s debut album “Neverending Journey” was released in 2011, followed with “My Home Is Where My Heart Is” in 2013 and “Feed the Flames” in 2015.  “Our songs seem to have a special kind of magic,” Salla jests. “We even had to stop playing ‘Raindrops’ at outdoor gigs because it often started to rain during the song.”  

Press and booking, please contact Kathy Keller/Manager at:  [email protected]

Band Members: 

Salla Rimmi – vocals 

Hanna Heinonen – violin 

Niilo Sirola – bouzouki, backing vocals

Petri Hannuksela – keyboards 

Mikko Kaipainen – bass 

Tomi Hyttinen – drums and percussions, backing vocals

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Kathy Keller: Band Manager (MMM-MT)