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Cuélebre  - Pagan Folk

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Cuélebre are a Medieval Pagan Folk band from Spain. The force behind the band’s creation was, Yhandros Huergo, who began his search in 2011 for an archaic sound inspired by the roots of his Iberian Peninsula and its mythology. The lyrics of Cuélebre’s music are based on stories of pre-Roman deities. With a Celtic-Iberian background comprised of authentic medieval instruments and atmospheric sounds used to recreate pre-Christian Pagan rituals.

After searching for just the right blend of musicians for each of the unique projects, Yhandros set his sights on recording the first of many Cuélebre songs. In 2013 the first line-up was complete, rehearsals commenced and the birth of Oinos was announced officially in 2014. Their second album, Anaman had a successful pre-release and will be officially released in Winter/2018 to include 2018 EU tour with new lineup!

These talented artists are influenced by bands such as Hagalaz Runedance, Corvus Corax and Wardruna, but able to maintain a unique sound and identity that is genuinely, Cuélebre!

Band Members:

Yhandros Huergo, Cristree Bach, Victor Noriega, Budy Arillo Miguez, Judit Piñago Plaza


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