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Greenrose Faire (Finland)
- Celtic Folk Rock -

Cuélebre (Spain)
- Pagan Folk -

The Rodeo Roses (Netherlands)
 -Country/Americana Folk-

Aelixihr (Netherlands)
-Traditional  Folk/Balfolk-


Sassenachs (Netherlands)
- Scottish Folk Rock -

Shandon Sahm (Netherlands)
-Americana Folk-

The Flask (Netherlands)
- Celtic Irish Folk-

Scarecrow Jack (USA)
- Virtual Band -

Drusuna (Portugal)
- Pagan Folk -

Jyoti Verhoeff (Netherlands)
- Neo-progressive Folk -

BB en van Berlo (Netherlands)
-Americana Folk/Bluegrass-

Davey McAuley (Ireland)
- Magician/Illusionist -

FAULK (Norway)
- Progressive Folk Rock -

The Midnight (Italy)
- Celtic Folk Rock -

Noors (Norway)
- Alternative Folk - 

Ash Gray (UK/USA)
- Americana Folk/Country-

Archive Artist Clients...

We have had the pleasure of working with many talented folks over the years. We offer flexible contracts for promotion management services. We also offer project based promotion packages and writing/editing services to everyone. * Our contracted Artists have top priority and discount rates.

Thank you to our current promotion management Artist clients profiled above.  We would like to thank all Artists who have used our services since 2015.

Special gratitude to these Artists for their support and advice since our start-up: Kristoffer Gildenlöw, PhilhelmonRobby Valentine, and Maria Catharina.

We had the honor to participate in the promotion of several charity projects too:  Breaking The Chains,  Folk 4 BACAPass The Torch, Return To Base.