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ALL FOLK ~ Celtic Folk Rock- Celtic Folk Punk - Medieval Folk - Pagan Folk - American Folk ~ ALL FOLK

Greenrose Faire

Celtic Folk Band


Genre: Celtic Folk Rock

Manager: Niilo Sirola, PR/Promotion: MMM-MT

Label & Bookings: Friendly Folk Records


The Royal Spuds

Celtic Folk Punk Band


Genre: Celtic Folk Punk Rock

Manager: Kathy Keller  PR/Promotion/EPK: MMM-MT

 Label & Bookings: Friendly Folk Records 

Contact FFR Bookings at: [email protected]


   Jyoti Verhoeff

Singer Songwriter, composer


Genre: Mystic Progressive Folk

Manager: Kathy Keller, PR/Promotion/EPK: MMM-MT

Bookings & Label: Friendly Folk Records

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Record Label:  Friendly Folk Records

Davey McAuley

Magician, Illusionist, Stunt Artist


Genre: Entertainer 'Festivals & Venues'

PR/Promotion: MMM-MT

EU Manager: Kathy Keller

Above are our only a few of our artists...

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